At Xura, our Monetization business constantly pushes the boundaries of communications while allowing mobile operators and Communication Services Providers (CSPs) to leverage their existing messaging infrastructure. Smarter thinking creates digital monetization solutions – a new wave of advanced Valued Added Services that deliver new revenue streams. Our services are already generating hundred’s of millions of dollars for operators worldwide today. See how we can help you make the most of your network by thinking smarter.

Low Credit Services
Xura has built industry leading solutions designed specifically for the untapped prepaid contracts market – consumers who could run out of credit. Xura’s award-winning Collect SMS, for example, enables operators to generate additional messaging revenues from out-of-credit users, which would otherwise be lost. Smart thinking that allows operators to make money from an existing network, while also building loyalty with subscribers by keeping them connected and communicating.

Advanced Value Added Services
Always one step ahead, we have harnessed our messaging expertise to help operators re-engage with traditional services and create new revenue making opportunities from seemingly legacy technology. Capitalizing on increased mobile web access and the Internet of Things, Xura has evolved a new range of products and services that transcend simple messaging and voice.

Watch the video of our brand new Message Everywhere service, a cloud-based, cross-device messaging service, which allows users to send and receive messages to anyone, at anytime, anywhere, across all devices, including tablets, laptops and even feature phones!

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