How enterprises connect with customers is critical for business. While their apps are designed around the service they offer, enterprises must go further and offer a multi-channel communications approach. We offer the intelligent solutions that mean enterprises can reach further and open up seamless and innovative, real-time dialogue with customers, enriching mobile engagement.

Secure Communications: We want enterprises to benefit from the enhanced customer engagement, to stay ahead but in a secure way. Through our Secure SMS and IP Messaging solutions, Xura has leading-edge technology that keeps financial services, healthcare, logistics and other companies connected with their customers while being completely secure, and includes standards driven services like alerts, one time passwords and two-way messaging to enable important business and employee processes. 

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Rich Web and Mobile Application Development Framework (forge by Xura): We always think further for our enterprise customers, delivering engaging ways to help them better communicate with their customers and employees. Xura has the APIs, SDKs and platform access for enterprises and developers to design and incorporate next-generation communications services into websites and applications, such as video chat, group messaging and presence, deploying them quickly from the cloud. 

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