Xura Message Controller

Xura Message Controller:  Advanced, multi-functional messaging platform

Today, mobile operators face a number of unique challenges including increasing complexity of technology, supported devices and network topology. This complexity is not only difficult to manage but provides exploitation opportunities for fraudulent traffic. 

Xura’s Message Controller is an advanced, multi-functional messaging platform that plays a vital role in the evolution of an operator’s messaging infrastructure, and future subscriber services. The solution offers a huge range of smart routing functions and capabilities to trigger sophisticated message handling scenarios. This allows for easy deployment of new IP-based services and sophisticated control over the message stream. Xura Message Controller can be deployed to provide a number of vital services such as:

• IP-SM-Gateway
• Spam and Fraud Firewall
• MO router
• SMS router (MT router or home-router)
• FDA router
• SMPP proxy

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With almost 100 deployments globally, mobile operators rely on Xura’s Message Controller to support their immediate needs, as well as provide future-proof flexibility to adapt and change as their needs evolve. For example, Message Controller can provide a seamless evolutionary path to augment existing SMSC capacity to an eventual replacement of SMSCs at the end of the assets’ service life; to protect messaging revenue by reducing charging fraud and controlling spam volumes; and operating as a versatile SMS router to simplify the messaging architecture, thereby providing a single integration point for multiple services.  In addition, Xura’s Message Controller is a fundamental part of the Xura Communication Suite that allows operators to consolidate value added services and realize significant cost savings by eliminating fragmented functional product silos and replacing them with a single converged solution.  The solution can be virtualized and deployed in and NFV (network function virtualization) environment.