Xura Communications Suite XCS

Xura Communications Suite: Evolving from siloed functionality to a consolidated solution

Xura Communications Suite (XCS) is a highly efficient, multi-vas platform that leverages Network Function Virtualization (NFV) principles to achieve improved agility and reduced Total Cost of Ownership. The XCS solution supports a suite of services such as SMS, MMS, RCS and Voicemail. This allows the operator to optimize resources and technologies as well as use the platform to support future innovations. This allows the network operator to eliminate fragmented functional product silos and replace them with a single converged solution. With a converged solution in place, management, expansion or service augmentation is dramatically simplified.

The services supported on the Xura Communications Suite Platform include:

·      SMS

·      MMS

·      Voicemail

·      Visual Voice Mail 

·      Multi-Device Synchronization

·      RCS Application Servers 

·      Messaging Spam and Fraud Control 

·      Common Message Store for All Services 

·      IP Based Messaging 

Additional service enablers include:

·      Converged Address Book, Presence Server 

·      Other Third Party Services through API

·      RCS API Gateway – WebRTC Telco Gateway

Xura Communications Suite enables operators to easily evolve to the digital era of modern IP-based communication services, alongside enriched voice and messaging services in a seamless combination of the traditional and new worlds. In this way, operators can ensure the viability of existing services and establish themselves as relevant players within the digital world.

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