Telco-Web Gateways

Xura Telco-Web Gateways: Helping network operators reach the web making them ubiquitous and increasing monetization possibilities

Many mobile network operators use telco web gateways to open up network capabilities to 3rd parties as web APIs enabling them to embrace a role of “Data as a Service Provider” and the potential secondary revenue stream. Telecom Gateways allow the operator to expose a broad range of critical data or functional resources such as telco enablers of Voice, Video, RCS and SMS messaging, location, voice control, M2M, subscriber data, identity management or QoS information. Embracing this trend provides a path for monetization and growth and reduces the operators’ risk of becoming simple bit-pipe providers. 

Xura’s Telco-Web Gateway offers a forward-thinking and secure approach to Web reachability by enabling network operators to create innovative new services leveraging their existing assets and strengths. 

For example, Xura’s WebRTC Telco Gateway allows WebRTC devices to use normal telecommunication functions such as calling to and from a telephone number and sharing video such as a videoconference.  The WebRTC Telco Gateway provides a novel approach to browser support that reduces integration complexity and increases solution security.  The gateway isolates the web world from the telco world which eliminates the need for telco protocols in the Browser.


Xura offers two different options to adapt WebRTC to the world of telecommunications depending upon whether the use case is a standalone service or media to be incorporated into web based RCS clients. Standalone services would include use cases such as creating web based telephones or A2P services such as click-to-call from a browser.

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