Security Fraud Management

Xura Signaling Fraud Management: Addressing signaling flaws, securing networks and protecting operators' customers

Signaling is the central nervous system of the mobile operator’s network with mission-critical, real-time data on subscriber identity, status, location, technology and servicing network elements. Someone with the right technical skill and malicious intent can now exploit the mobile network and its subscribers because the IP transport layer was not designed to detect acceptable versus unacceptable traffic. 

Signaling fraud can be devastating resulting in customer dissatisfaction and significant loss of revenue. Issues include unexpected traffic costs, revenue leakage, customer refunds, revenue loss from interconnect imbalances, damage to the operator’s brand, the possibility of regulatory intervention, and legal threats.

The Signaling Network:

Signaling Network Vulnerabilities:

- Exposing Subscriber’s IMSI & Location
- Blocking Incoming Calls & Text Messages
- Intercepting Incoming SMS
- Subscriber Billing Manipulation & Bypass
- Snooping in on Calls
- Denial Of Service Attacks on Network
- Transferring money between Subscriber Accounts

How to Mitigate Risk of Attack:

- Monitor MAP Messages, particularly from Non-Roaming Partners
- Filter Messages from Suspect Nodes
- Traffic Analysis with Analytical Tools
- Deploy SS7 Firewall


Xura Technology Protects Against Attacks:

Xura high performance SS7/Diameter Stack 

Powerful OAM environment and flexible validation rules 

Low hardware footprint 

Proactive detection and attack prevention 

Data collection and analytics 


As the leader in messaging with more than 20 years of experience in signaling, revenue assurance, routing and high-performance message handling, Xura is well positioned to understand the challenges with signaling networks and spam and fraud control. Xura offers a highly efficient and topographically transparent solution to address many types of next-generation network security attacks including SS7 fraud.

Based on over 15 years’ experience in mission-critical messaging systems, and with the capability to process all signaling protocol levels starting from SCTP all the way to MAP and CAP, Xura’s Signaling Fraud Management System features a powerful rules engine that enables screening of traffic by exposing parameters from all relevant signaling stack layers for comparison and validation between each other and preconfigured parameters. Anti-fake validations combined with stateful correlation capabilities enable fraud detection mechanisms that are impossible to implement on standard signaling equipment. Rule logic is organized into discreet filters representing individual threats that are detectable and then treatable using established conditions. Native virtualization support enables the operator with hardware independence and supports planned or ongoing NFV strategies.

With its unique transparent design, high performance and robust architecture, Xura offers a solution that can be placed at any relevant point in the core network. Flexible integration eliminates the need and expense of redesigning the signaling network architecture. In addition, with its own Diameter and SIP stack embedded into to corresponding controller components, Xura Signaling Fraud Management solution can ensure secure continuity across all networks including last generation networks (LTE, 5G and IMS) preventing signaling threats already on the network design stage. The built in monitoring and reporting system is based on “Xura Insights” enabling continuous visibility into the efficiency of the rules, potential threats and signaling flows in the network. Its capabilities mean operators can determine potential sources of the attacks, targeted subscribers and network elements, as swell as detect weak points in the signaling network. Big data technology utilized in the design of the Insights module ensures for the most complete data set, advanced correlation capabilities and high speed data processing.