RCS Rich Communications Suite

Xura Rich Communications Suite (RCS)

As mobile operators move into a new era of communication and connectivity, where smartphones and ever-richer IP services are prolific, they are in a unique position to set themselves apart from other messaging providers, by enabling an unrivaled user experience. The GSMA’s Rich Communication Suite (RCS) is an extensive, broadly supported industry initiative that enables innovation of the mobile user experience, addressing both the short term competitive pressures on mobile operator’s profitability and the long term technology evolution to all IP environments. 

For Xura, RCS represents an essential step in the evolution of mobile operators’ core services to converged messaging services in a full IP environment, enabling operators to boost loyalty and revenue through ubiquitous messaging across all networks (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE), devices, social networks and communities. Key features include the following: 

• Full support for RCS5 services including (group) chat, file and video sharing and SMS and MMS interworking. 

• Extended RCS-e offering, strengthening the RCS-e feature set with SMS and MMS interworking and Store and Forward, transparently to the RCS-e client. 

• Network Value added services (auto-reply, auto copy, auto-signature, black-listing) applied across SMS, MMS and RCS for a uniform and personalized messaging user experience. 

• Fast integration of web based applications through easy to use Application Programming Interface, enabling operators to build new revenue streams by extending popular SMS / MMS content to RCS and allowing enterprises to reach their consumers using a rich communication channel. 

• Seamless evolution from existing messaging platforms (SMS, MMS) to a consolidated messaging environment.

• A broad solution approach encompassing the RCS clients, IMS Core, RCS Application Server, Real time Charging Support, Network Based Address Book and Presence Server

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