Xura Network Function Virtualisation

Mobile networks are transforming at a rapid pace and one of the technologies that is facilitating this evolution is Network Function Virtualization (NFV), which is rapidly moving from roadmap to real world. Today, more than 50% of the mobile operators worldwide are evaluating NFV solutions.  NFV brings the promise of lower hardware costs, reduced operational costs, support for new business models, and improved speed to market for new services.

Many telecom vendors are offering or soon plan to offer NFV-based versions of their solutions. Xura is at the forefront of this trend by building carrier class NFV solutions for value-added services such as Messaging , Voicemail, and Security. These services require careful planning and considerable expertise, and Xura has decades of experience in these domains.

Xura’s NFV architecture is based on the Xura Communication Suite (XCS) virtualized platform.  The architecture supports both NFV and non-NFV legacy solutions on the same platform, which is a requirement for operators during the phased NFV migration process. Xura supports the following solutions as Virtual Network Functions (VNF) in an NFV environment:

  • SMS Spam and Fraud Control
  • MMS Transport and Delivery
  • SMS Transport and Delivery
  • SMS Routing
  • IP-SM Gateway providing SMS over IMS Network
  • Rich Communication Services
  • Voicemail

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The Xura NFV architecture provides mobile operators the elasticity to respond to market demand by increasing or decreasing, in real time, the instances of VNFs for any given service, thereby increasing or decreasing capacity as necessary. New services can be added to the existing NFV environment with minimal disruption to network infrastructure.

Xura NFV Partnerships

 Xura is participating in leading NFV Partnership programs to realize the full benefits of NFV for its customers. Xura is currently participating in the following NFV programs; details of which can be found in the links below: