Digital Communications

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and mobile operators are moving to a new wave of digital communications. New advancements are reshaping the industry and new revenue streams are opening up. The time has come to embrace these changes head on. At Xura, we look to provide new products and services for operators and consumers, across multiple devices...that go beyond.

Xura Communications Suite (XCS)
Xura helps operators across the globe address the ever-changing communications landscape with a full spectrum of mobile communications solutions which drive efficiency and profitably. How? Xura Communications Suite is our flagship technology that powers mobile services innovation and delivers opportunities for business growth. It adapts easily to existing messaging infrastructure and extends to new technology as operators evolve to faster IP networks.

Xura Communications Suite technology gives operators:

Messaging Infrastructure: Our future-ready products and services unlock the full potential of mobile communications channels and support mobile operators as they evolve to faster LTE 4G services

Call Completion: Call completion opportunities are an unexplored source of revenue. We provide the industry’s richest set of voicemail features and services from  advanced personalization to visual voicemail, and across multiple devices. The result? Converting unbillable network activity into revenue generating minutes. Another example of how Xura thinks beyond.

Network Signaling Security: Mobile services such are increasingly exposed to the public domain resulting in a new wave of security assaults. Our solutions mean operators can differentiate between good and bad traffic and reclaim control of vulnerable signaling resources while protecting their customers. To find out more about Xura's Signalling Fraud Management System, please click here

Protocol Gateways: As technology advances, mobile operators need a way to keep pace without massive capital investments. Xura enables
operators to maximize existing infrastructure and minimize the cost of implementing new technology, services and business models.

Messaging Security: To overcome the flood of spam and fraud traffic, Xura uses the latest technologies for advanced, real-time content filtering to provide mobile operators with complete control over the messaging stream.