That’s a Hack! TADHack Global Wraps Up & the Winners are Announced

That’s a Hack! TADHack Global Wraps Up & Winners are Announced

forge SDK winning app MIDIN brings musicians together from around the world, using live and recorded audio and video capabilities

Reading, UK - 19 June 2015: Acision, the global leader in secure, mobile engagement services, and innovators in WebRTC technology, are delighted to announce its winners of TADHack Global, the Telecom Application Developer Hackathon, which took place on 14-15th June 2015. Out of all of the submissions built using the forge SDK, from 15 live locations around the globe as well of those shared by remote enthusiasts, the winning submission was MIDIN, a collective music service. MIDIN enables collaboration between musicians, and utilised the live and recorded audio and video capabilities of the forge SDK to provide a rich and personalised experience.

TADHack is the global meeting place for developers who want to learn, share, code and create applications using the tools and technologies available in telecommunications. Acision joined a team of other supporters within the telecoms ecosystem, who worked collaboratively together in the months leading up to the event to champion the theme – TADHack is for everyone! This generated a wealth of inspiring hacks, with this year’s events boasting 1400 registrations, 800+ attendees and 90+ submissions.

As a sponsor, Acision offered applicants the chance to win big as it challenged developers from around the world to use the forge SDK to add real-time communication capabilities that create wow-moments within their web or mobile apps. The forge SDK can bring services to life with capabilities such as secure SMS, IP and group messaging, HD voice and video chat, recording, presence, location sharing, and more - and using one of the most exciting communications technologies on the market today – WebRTC.

The winning hack submission using the forge SDK was born from TADHack Lisbon. MIDIN, a collective music service, was created by a team of local developers and enthusiasts, enabling collaboration between musicians. The solution combines music learning, practicing, remote connections with live audio and video streaming, as well as recording capabilities. The team, comprising of Micael Cardoso, Gonçalves Pedrosa, Pedro Nuno de Sousa Rocha, Fábio Raul da Costa Gonçalves, and Daniela Torrinha, will be taking home a state of the art drone – which they could even hack with the forge SDK!

Along with the winning hack, two runners up were also selected: Inter-E-view, by creators V.S.Kashyap and Naveen from TADHack Chicago, created an employment interview tool, utilising the secure video chat capability to bring interviewees and interviewers from remote locations together;, a Customer Service app, by creator Neil Flynn participating in TADHack Dublin, provides a client that can store customer to customer agent conversations with the ability to record instant messaging, enabling all parties to store and archive conversations.. Both entrants won an Apple Watch.

Eric Bilange, Head of Rich Engagement Services at Acision, commented: “We were honoured to have been part of the TADHack movement, evangelising that coding is for everyone, by engaging a growing global audience in the open source software, telecom and WebRTC world. Congratulations to our winners for their impressive submissions during the weekend. It was great to see such a diverse array of projects produced globally, and especially in such a short timeframe. This is tantamount to how easily and quickly rich communication capabilities from the forge SDK can be integrated into apps and websites, to create superior experiences, which propel the services to another level."

Next, Acision will also be participating as a lead sponsor at DevCon5, HTML5 & Mobile App Developer Conference on 20-22 July 2015 in New York, the meeting place for web and mobile app developers.  On the pre-conference day,  Acision will be hosting its own forge Boot Camp, a free, action-packed master class for mobile and app developers of all ranks, who want a more immersive experience of the forge SDK. Participants will receive hands-on, guided learning to create powerful engagement opportunities within their apps and services. Sign up here today!Find out more about the award-winning forge by Acision SDK and visit its dedicated website at

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