Acision and BioScanR win “Best WOW Factor” Award

Acision and BioScanR win “Best WOW Factor” Award from TMC, Systemwide Media and PKE Consulting for a WebRTC-enabled Health Monitoring App

Further industry recognition for the forge SDK, enabling real-time, richer communication for healthcare professionals and patients

Reading, UK – 29th May 2015: Acision, the global leader in secure, mobile engagement services and industry innovator in WebRTC technology, today announced it received the “Best WOW Factor” Award for its WebRTC-enabled remote health monitoring application from TMC, Systemwide Media and PKE Consulting. Built in conjunction with Acision, BioScanR added rich communication functionality into its app by integrating the forge SDK, presenting the demo live for the first time at TMCNet’s WebRTC Conference & Expo in Miami. The demo showed how a physician can be alerted to abnormal health symptoms from a patient via a wearable device, which sends real-time data including heart rate and respiratory rate, amongst other vital statistics.

A judging panel of independent WebRTC visionaries and thought leaders, as well as delegates from participating companies, selected winners from a range of applications and solutions, all in the running for the six demo awards. Competing companies had 10 minutes to demonstrate WebRTC capabilities in a live environment. Acision and BioScanR took the stage to wow judges with a game-changing telemedicine app (Hospital-grade monitoring sensor), which can replace home and hospital visits and provide patients with high quality care at a fraction of the cost. View the live demo in action here:
“On behalf of WebRTC Conference & Expo, I am very pleased to recognise the innovation demonstrated by Acision and BioScanR at the 2015 Demo Awards,” said Phil Edholm, event producer of PKE Consulting. “Companies like Acision with their forge SDK, are the driving force behind the growth of WebRTC technology, and truly deserve this award. I look forward to more innovative solutions from them and their partners in the future.”

With over 10 years of bioinformatics experience, combining BioScanR’s innovation in creating cutting-edge predictive algorithms and FDA approved hardware, with Acision’s innovation in web and mobile engagement technology, made a winning telemedicine service which can be used by healthcare professionals and their patients – just by downloading a dedicated app. The forge SDK makes it easy to add rich communications functionality to any mobile app or website, including 2-way video chat, click-to-call and IM chat, as well as presence and recording.

Tracy Ingram at BioScanR said, “With the forge SDK it was easy to integrate real-time communication capabilities into our mobile app which connects to a FDA-approved health monitoring device. The application was built in just under 5 days! According to Smith's Point (2014), mHealth is predicted to become a 10.2B industry by 2018. With Telemedicine, a healthcare professional can come to you virtually without the need of a home visit, utilising resources much more effectively. By leveraging this type of functionality, we can breakdown barriers of the current patient lifecycle and make wellbeing more immediate, especially if a serious situation occurs. We were really excited to explore this line of development, where medical wearables meet WebRTC!”

The WebRTC-enabled Health Monitoring App demo showcased how trends in richer communication devices are playing a significant role in improving healthcare systems. In the scenario showcased at the WebRTC Conference & Expo, a physician was alerted of abnormal vitals from a patient who had recently had surgery.  The patient wore a medical-grade monitoring device, and her heart rate, respiratory rate and EKG was measured and sent to a medical professional who then called the patient by video chat, all through the use of a mobile app powered by the forge SDK. The forge SDK provides highly secure file transfer, communication and collaboration, and can integrate with any app on the market, providing superior, and sometimes lifesaving, human interaction capabilities. 

Eric Bilange, Head of Rich Engagement Services at Acision, went onto to say, “We are incredibly proud of this award, our second consecutive from TMC, Systemwide Media and PKE Consulting.  Patient monitoring is big business as a way to prevent hospital re-admission, which in the US alone costs $11,000 per patient. This acknowledgement shows how unique and innovative this Telemedicine app is, as well as demonstrating the power and security strengths of the forge SDK. Congratulations to everyone at forge and BioScanR for delivering a compelling app with multiple WebRTC capabilities, and bringing the WOW Factor to the WebRTC Expo. We look forward to the implications of this technology and what the future of healthcare communications holds.”

Acision will also be participating at TADHack Global on 13-14th June, a hackathon taking place at multiple locations around the world, which will also be streamed live for those who wish to take part remotely. If you’re an app developer interested in how to explore the ways rich communication technologies such as WebRTC can enhance your app, service or business, register today and be in with a chance of winning BIG with forge by Acision! Register and learn more here.

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BioScanR is a personal health monitoring system that assists with post-hospital care that provides doctors with the information they need to prevent patient readmissions. BioScanR helps doctors offer preventative healthcare rather than reactive healthcare. This has the power to ultimately save lives and billions of dollars in reactive treatments.

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