Acision Wins Best in Show at WebRTC Conference & Expo IV

Acision Wins Best in Show at WebRTC Conference and Expo IV

Acision, a global leader in mobile engagement services, today announced that it has been presented with the “Best in Show” Award for its forge by Acision demo, which was showcased at TMCNet’s WebRTC Conference & Expo IV, from 17th-19th June 2014.

During the event, Acision were one of 26 companies who took part in the highly anticipated “Getting Real with WebRTC Demo Event”, which featured a series of live presentations by companies looking to demonstrate the latest WebRTC technology and applications, to be in the running to win one of the 10 event awards. 

Performed live to an audience of event attendees, Acision’s demo scenario showcased how retailers and other customer facing businesses can add video capabilities to their call centre web interface –– by integrating with forge by Acision’s WebRTC SDK. In this scenario, the customer can click directly through to a call centre agent from Acision’s Engage mobile app (downloaded on their device), and have a live video chat to troubleshoot an issue or get a question answered.  All the while, the agent can see the customer’s full browsing and purchasing history within their web interface, providing insight to address questions and recognise upsell opportunities. This integration enables the customer care experience to become quicker, sleeker, simpler, more engaging, and more personal.

Dave Rodriguez, President at TMC, said: “The demo session at WebRTC Conference & Expo gives attendees the chance to move from the lab to the field and examine practical WebRTC applications in action. Acision took full advantage of this forum, showcasing their impressive platform live on stage. On behalf of the entire WebRTC Conference & Expo team and the judging panel, I offer our congratulations and encourage enterprises and service providers to consider Acision's tools and solutions when deploying their WebRTC applications.”
Matt Cockett, EVP and GM of Acision’s Enterprise Team, stated: “This acknowledgement alone proves we have something truly credible to take to market, and demonstrates that the wider industry recognises this. This award, alongside the exposure we received at the event, has put Acision at the forefront of webRTC technology and I am proud of what we have achieved in such a short amount of time, given other players have been in this space for far longer.”

The Acision team were also recognised at the event. During the opening night ceremony of the conference, Acision’s Peter Dunkley, Technical Director, and John Parr, Engineering Director, were jointly honoured with the Pioneer Award for leading innovation in WebRTC. Award recipients were selected and honoured for the visionary contributions to the rapid growth of WebRTC, and how it is being used in innovative business applications for improved customer service and collaboration.

“The WebRTC Pioneer Awards recognises the people that have been driving WebRTC and the webification of communications, said Phil Edholm, event producer of PKE Consulting. “Each of the Pioneers made a unique contribution to the growth and evolution of WebRTC.”