Acision talks ten mobile tech trends for 2015

Acision talks ten mobile tech trends for 2015

What’s likely to be hot in 2015 – smarter mobile customer service, smarter wearables, better branding opportunities and focus on data privacy and security

London, UK 17th December 2014: 2014 proved to be another year when advances in digital technology went beyond what we ever imagined.  Smart wearables and objects (embedded devices) became the consumer’s reality and our world took another step closer to being completely interconnected with ever advancing applications, the Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine and Cloud communications all trending over the year.

2015 is expected to be another game-changer as developments and innovation in the mobile tech world continue to accelerate, with further ‘smart’ automation across nearly all fields, and smarter, more secure services becoming increasingly present in our daily lives.

Acision, a leader in mobile messaging for 20+ years and innovator in secure digital engagement services, outlines its global trend predictions for the mobile industry in 2015:

1. A transformative year for wearables
As the adoption of wearables grows, these objects will adapt to better integrate into everyday life. For example, connecting smart watches and smartphones to surrounding appliances at home and in public spaces could quickly become the norm. Home automation could see people’s diets tracked through their fridge and other appliances to constantly collect data.

2. Data privacy and security
Security of data and privacy concerns were brought to the fore in 2014 with major hacking incidents and the exposure of hundreds of pictures as well as internal files and emails.  App developers started to take this subject more seriously with end-to-end encryption services being added to OTT and internet services.  As we move into 2015, more eyes are on developers and organisations to improve security and T&Cs, to alleviate privacy concerns from data being exposed as more and more is stored and accessible in the cloud.

3. Connected everything – a branding opportunity
Everything, it seems, will be connected – from utility meters to cars and domestic appliances – embedded objects which talk via the internet will become more normal. With these advances, we could start to see the integration of advertising opportunities for brands within these objects. For example, if there was a small display on your connected kettle telling you, that there was a fault, why couldn’t the screen also display ads for teabag brands and other hot drinks?

4. Long live the app
Mobile websites are often only mobile-friendly versions of their respective online portal and are not truly optimised for the mobile user. With many brands not fully utilising the mobile experience and with in-app web browsing rising, could this cause the death of the mobile web? Native apps are providing users with a better, more sophisticated and targeted experience and still enabling them to move from window to window, truly enhancing the mobile experience far more than the mobile web can offer. However, as brands move to more sophisticated apps, how many apps will we have and use? We could also see a consolidation of the apps we use on our devices.

5. The reality of the mobile desk
As remote working increases globally, there is a need for devices to be setup for mobile working, to the extent that a phone, which are getting bigger in size, could replace a desktop. Fuelled by the proliferation of OTT apps making instantaneous communication easy, and email seems slow by comparison. The adoption of smarter and richer communication tools will start to rise next year, giving employees access to lots of services within one app or an array of apps, revolutionising the way we work and engage with our colleagues and customers.  With technologies like WebRTC, the click to communicate generation is upon us. 

6. Customer service gets smarter
For a long time customer services technology has seen little evolution, but in 2015 we believe the use of rich messaging, video and click to communicate technology for business and customer interactions will become more prevalent, with queries and problems dealt with in real-time. Video consultancy through technology such as WebRTC will take off as customers look to speak to representatives directly. From making a payment or transaction by instant message to having a consultation with your doctor through video conferencing, in 2015 mobile services will be based more around smarter communications and better, more personalised client interactions.

7. Mobile to emulate entertainment
In the entertainment sector, on-demand services have caused disruption on an unprecedented scale, affecting the way content is created and consumed. The cloud, for example, will continue to change the communication landscape as people turn to, and expect smarter digital content via their mobile device. The combination of widespread LTE, providing good coverage spectrum and new broadcast service delivery options could change the way we devour data and entertainment services on our mobiles – being able to watch the latest and greatest film or play the hottest online game with gamers globally on our mobile device will get easier and more flexible as we become a more content driven world. 

8. Lock down on roaming
As a mobile network operator, what is the value in letting your home customers switch networks when they are abroad? Today many users roam onto new networks when they land on foreign turf which is a significant lost opportunity. By offering the right tariff and tools, as an operator, there is clear benefit if a customer still accesses your network wherever there are. By providing favourable roaming and data agreements, a communication app and the ability to access content and keep their mobile number when off home ground, operators can keep the competition at bay by keeping customers on their network, which ultimately results in better branding opportunities.

9. Connectivity is king
Huge amounts of capacity will need to be provisioned through more flexible mobile broadband technologies in 2015 and beyond as rich content explodes across mobile.  We will start to hear discussions around 5 and 6G, and services will be enhanced by key performance requirements (driven by consumer demand) such as virtually zero latency to support Tactile Internet, M2M control, and augmented reality.

10. Clear skies for cloud services
Real-time cloud-based data collection, analysis, and communication will open more opportunities for businesses to be able to understand customer preferences, communicate faster with them, and offers another level of service tailoring while enabling them to share content wherever they are in the world. People are attracted by the convenience of mobile, and are keen to share and receive information no matter where they are and what the content is. Cloud content and insight into this data will play a significant part in this, but we will have to remember alongside this, security measures will shape how it advances. 

Commenting on what the mobile industry can expect in 2015, Adolfo Hernandez, Chief Executive at Acision said: “Users are going to expect even more from their mobile devices and objects in the coming year and it is up to the industry to keep innovating, providing faster connectivity, building smarter applications, creating bigger and better interconnected ecosystems and launching new mobile services, particularly for the workplace where there are untapped opportunities for greater connectivity and generating new revenue streams.”

“2015 will be about recognising the demand by users for continually better, faster and more innovative mobile services. Apps are just one area where this will be apparent. The development of browsing experiences within apps means users don’t have to leave the service they are using. Unique ‘in-app’ services are likely to increase in popularity and set services apart from the competition because they allow users to have a smoother and faster experience.  Services like click-to-communicate to make transactions will become normal, alongside the constant demand for a better user experience.  We are excited about what will be hot in the coming year – the opportunities are endless and while we will continue to advance quickly, innovation will be accelerated too as we all compete to bring the next big thing to market.”



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