Acision fronts WebRTC Wild West, at the WebRTC Conference and Expo V in California

Acision fronts WebRTC Wild West, at the WebRTC Conference and Expo V in California

Acision, a leading provider of mobile engagement services and leading innovator in WebRTC technology, will this week be present at the longest running WebRTC event, WebRTC Conference and Expo V,  18 – 20th November 2014 in San Jose, CA. Alongside other industry leaders, Acision will analyse the advancing rich communication landscape and resulting solutions, while showcasing its own forge by Acision services and discussing what these mean for developers and enterprises today.
The event itself brings together all elements of the WebRTC eco-system to discuss the big issues concerning deployment, signalling, scaling, media manipulation, global adoption and developing nations as well as best standards and practices. As Silver Sponsors, Acision will be showcasing its award winning forge SDK demo at booth 69, as well as offering deep dive discussions on the endless possibilities of richer communications.
“Assembling the industry’s leading design and development experts, this event is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how to take a web or app project to the next level by integrating real-time, rich “click-to-communicate” solutions to create interactive experiences that increase engagement, digital conversation, conversions and transaction. Our experts will be on hand throughout the event to show how we are changing the course of WebRTC communications through new innovative solutions and demos,” said Peter Dunkley, Technical Director, Acision.
Join Acision’s speakers at the following sessions:

  • JF Sullivan, CMO and head of strategy at Acision, will be participating in the panel session, ‘WebRTC Data Services – A key for Revenue Generation’, on Tuesday 18th November at 2:20pm, Room 211D. This session will discuss how the services that WebRTC enables using data channel and non-interactive video and media can be used to generate new business models.  
  • Peter Dunkley, Technical Director at Acision will be participating in speaker session ‘M2M Applications of WebRTC’ at the Service Provider Track – Room 212A on Thursday 20th November at 9:10am. This session will examine how WebRTC protocols and APIs could be used in creating open M2M systems and using the real-time of WebRTC for M2M applications.
  • Peter Dunkley, will also present on ‘Integrating Mobile Applications - Contrasting the Browser with Native OS Apps’ at the Developer Track, Room 212C on Thursday 20th November at 2:15pm. This session will examine how the early implementations of WebRTC developed on native OS apps on mobile devices contrast between browser based implementations.

Running alongside the WebRTC Conference and Expo, at the San Jose Convention Center, will be the HTML5 Communications Summit, the event to engage all that is HTML5.

Peter Dunkley, will join contemporaries to explore the potential of WebRTC, showing example use cases for WebRTC technology, and discussing what developers should consider in terms of infrastructure when using WebRTC.  He will also cover some of the components and technologies that are available to developers, and demonstrate the power of WebRTC using HTML5 and native mobile example applications in his speaker session, 'Real Time Communications in HTML5 and Native Mobile Applications using WebRTC’ in Room 211B at 9:00-10:00am on Tuesday November 18th.

To book a meeting, media briefings or if you have any questions about our presence at either of these two events, please contact us or reach out to us on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn or Google+.

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