Our Supercharged Security Team Fight the War Against Fraud on Roadshow

Our Supercharged Security Team Fight the War Against Fraud on Roadshow

Our network security specialists have been out on the road again in different countries flying the Xura flag, meeting with operators globally who deem Fraud and Security one of their number one priorities, as they converge to attend a series of GSMA-run events. The month sees Xura participating in focus groups in Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia Pacific, first at the GSMA’s Fraud and Security Group #6 in Belgium, then the GSMA Security and Fraud Working Group at Mobile 360 in Mexico this week alone, and next, they will be participating at the Signaling Evolution Focus Day at 5G World Series in Singapore.

While our security team are racking up those air miles, next week, Xura will also be the hosting the GSMA’s Network 2020 and Web Working Groups 29 at our Boston office, focusing on NFV and RCS.

These types of forums offer a free and open exchange of ideas and views between subject matter experts across the mobile ecosystem who bring valuable research, the means to pool tested ideas, create important discussions to meet better research conclusions so that they can build frameworks and standards in respect of operational matters. Effectively leading from consensus, is a big part of re-energizing the conversation, shedding new light on areas which can lead to better initiatives and opportunities for the successful development and roll-out of new services.

We are delighted to be part of the GSMA’s Fraud and Security Groups. Established to drive the industry’s management of fraud and security matters related to GSM technology, networks and services, these working groups have the objective to maintain or increase the protection of mobile operator technology and infrastructure, as well as, customer identity, security and privacy.

As a trusted partner in the ecosystem and regular participant at these working groups, this week, we have been platinum sponsor, dinner host, exhibitor and presenter all rolled into one. Our security experts have been on hand to discuss and build actions to fight fraud and strengthen cyber security, with a particular focus on users and fraud prevention in mobile networks.

We have led workshops focusing on revenue assurance use-cases via Signaling Firewall concept, as well as, sharing new research that probes consumer perceptions of threats and risks relating to SS7 vulnerabilities. It’s going to be interesting to learn where opinion is divided, what attitudes consumers have towards security provided by their mobile network provider and find out how well operators’ views align with their consumer customers. Watch this space.

Next stop, Singapore… we’ll be participating in the Signaling Evolution Focus Day next Monday 26th September, investigating the security and data protection challenges that have arisen from the rapid proliferation of data generated by the smartphone generation in the region.

Our signaling security specialist expert Ilia Abramov, will present on "Securing the LTE network: issues at the diameter interconnect and how to mitigate them" and will be exploring the vulnerabilities of opening up diameter signaling to interconnect, the impact that these vulnerabilities may have on the network, its subscribers and on service availability and revenues, as well as, sharing best practice on how to secure the signaling interconnect.

Mark Windle, Strategy and Marketing Director, Security Solutions at Xura, will take part on the Managing Network Security panel session, where they will explore cyber security solutions for complex IoT networks and how important it is to operators.

The end of the month wraps up the run of collaborative events with the GSMA Web Working Group (WWG) Plenary meeting #29 at our Boston HQ, on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th September. We are honored to be hosting this Web Working Group and providing a venue for its members to meet face-to-face as they monitor, discuss and act on web technological advancement and business solutions that are important to mobile operators.

There are a number of external speakers confirmed such as Ian Swett from Google, talking about QUIC protocol evolution, and Andrew Harteveldt from Xura talking about RCS and WebRTC standards, as well as the value creation for operators through service APIs.

And when you thought there couldn’t be more, the Network 2020 program are hosting a co-located Network Virtualization workshop on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th September, also at our office in Beantown, to finalize their position paper structure and contributors.

So really, no stone left unturned, but remember it’s a month of team spirit, if you want to get involved or want to know more about how we’re helping to reach a consensus email us at events@xura.com.