Redefining the future of mobile engagement

Redefining the future of mobile engagement - an update from adolfo hernandez, acision chief executive

Having been in my role for well over a year now, I wanted to use this edition of The Messenger to reflect on how far Acision has come as an organisation in the last 12 months and the renewed value we are now bringing to the mobile ecosystem. While we are still developing our business – which has been built on strong foundations and a wealth of experience in mobile messaging from a period of over 20 years – with the ever-altering ecosystem, it is unhealthy for any business to remain stagnant, and this year has been about assembling our armoury to remain robust in the digital age and ensuring we place innovation at the heart of everything we do.

For those of you that received and read our last Acision newsletter, you may recall that I provided a snapshot of things to come this year, centring in on our new innovative approach to product development and our returned emphasis on customer centricity – creating a company dedicated to building exceptional and market relevant products, providing exceptional service and focusing on you, our valued customers. We have certainly made some great progress this year and, in fact, some of what we have done has been quite ground-breaking with the newer portfolio additions and solidifying our expansion into newer markets.

We kicked off 2014 by purchasing Crocodile Technology’s assets, which enabled us to add WebRTC-based services to our portfolio, and offer the latest real-time, rich communications via the Acision SDK. This combined perfectly with Acision’s broader messaging services portfolio and new solutions including our API platform forge by Acision, and fuseMe by Acision, a smart sharing application. We launched both of these with a big reveal during Mobile World Congress this year along with a new look for Acision – a new brand to reflect our strategy as a key, disruptive, innovative player in the mobile engagement market. With all of these combined, it certainly made for quite an eventful start of the year!

You can read more about what WebRTC is all about and how it can help operators and enterprises as one of this newsletter edition’s featured articles -WebRTC – the New Opportunity in Rich and Real-time Communications.

Over the last few months, we have been taking fuseMe and our WebRTC offerings out on the road at events around the world, and as our exposure has been building, we have been recognised by the industry and either won or been nominated for multiple awards, including being named Best in Show at TMCNet's WebRTC Conference and Expo IV, and being listed as a Top 50 Mobile Innovator by Mobile Entertainment. These are just two in particular, but to read more, check out our press releases and blog pages on our website.

More recently you may have seen we announced our strategic acquisition of the fast-growing mobile connectivity platform, MindMatics Secure Messaging. This asset and experienced team is another very welcome addition to our business portfolio, and will mean we can take a leading role in providing the most secure mobile services and applications to consumers and enterprises globally, working in conjunction with our customers and partners. To learn more about this, you can view our recent press release here. 

Acision’s primary role is to help both operators and enterprises power today’s and tomorrow’s consumer engagement services in order to maximise the ever-growing opportunities from mobile, cement end user loyalty, exploit monetisation models and create new revenue streams. Our acquisitions of MindMatics and Crocodile forms part of this growth strategy to broaden our reach and capabilities, fitting neatly into our drive towards cross-border, cross-carrier interconnect, and enabling us to deliver new, engagement services which you, mobile operators and enterprises, can take to your customers and ultimately monetise.  

More about this is explained in our piece, Maximising Mobile OTT Services, Maximising Monetisation Opportunities – another of the featured articles showcasing our views and advice on how to compete in the ‘new world’ of fast, furious and free. You can also learn how you can supercharge your mobile strategy by downloading Acision’s Mobile Gameplan, an interactive guide and reference framework to help businesses of all sizes to create a winning strategy and get the best out of mobile. Acision’s Mobile Gameplan has been optimised to fit mobile devices, so you can open it on your mobile, tablet or phablet, bookmark it, and read it while on the go!

While we all play a part in this exciting but unpredictable mobile market, I believe that Acision is making the right moves to continue being a key strategic participant. Messaging and mobile engagement is still growing in many new forms and as the pioneers in this market, we are in a strong position to continue supporting your business requirements and help you generate further revenues, increase profitability and create a compelling, innovative end user experience both now and in the future. 

For a deeper dive into our strategy and renewed focus, you can watch the recording of our Customer Strategy Update webinar, which we held on 9th October, where we provided further insight on our current product portfolio, roadmap, our recent acquisition of MindMatics and of course, the benefits this brings to you. We will also be continuing with a new series of webinars including regular customer strategy update calls. More on this can be found in Acision's Webinar Series here.

I hope this newsletter provides you with some insight into our views and strategic vision as we move into our final quarter of the year. While we still have many more things we want to achieve, I am very proud of the positive strides we have made at Acision so far, with our key focus of shaping the future of mobile engagement and advancing the way the world communicates.

Best Regards,

Adolfo Hernandez
Chief Executive, Acision