Acision Wins Dangerous Demos Audience Vote Award at AstriCon

Acision Wins Dangerous Demos Audience Vote Award at AstriCon

Dangerous Demo Award

Acision has been recognised again for its contributions in WebRTC, receiving Truphone’s Dangerous Demos Audience Vote Award at AstriCon, the longest-running event devoted to all-things Asterisk.

Joining contemporaries at one of the most influential open source telecommunication projects today, Peter Dunkley, Technical Director at Acision, who also participated in a speaker session at the event, took part alongside other contenders in the live on-stage competition, Dangerous Demos.

The fun format of the popular Dangerous Demos allows each presenter no more than 4 minutes to produce their demonstration with roughly 90 seconds for each change over, the mandate being; the bolder the better… Winners are determined by live audience voting (powered by Asterisk).

It’s great to have Peter in the limelight again, bringing the dynamic innovative Acision SDK to life in front of a crowd of impressed peers. The demo performed, “Acision Talk” showcasing audio and video calls from the browser using WebRTC technology. Peter told us,

“The thing about “Acision Talk” that is cool is that you log into it with Facebook and the address book within "Acision Talk” is automatically synchronised - showing your Facebook friends who are also “Acision Talk” users.”

Peter went on to explain that Amanda Mills, Proposition Marketing Director- Enterprise, brought the “Danger” on this occasion.

“One, she was travelling by plane - leaving the real danger that during the demo I would have no-one to call…and two, running fast through the airport, down escalators, etc while on the video call Amanda, made for an element of physical danger too…”

A huge thank you to Peter and Amanda for making AstriCon such a successful event!

In his speaker session, ‘Fronting Asterisk with Kamailio for WebRTC and web-service integration’, Peter covered scaling and security in WebRTC, two important aspects for providing any service.

We continue to enhance our customer engagement strategy and toolkit with our powerful Acision SDK, that enables developers and enterprises to integrate WebRTC technology into their web and mobile apps.

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